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AlturaTek and Firefly Partnership

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Tampa, FL, July 1, 2020 – AlturaTek Consulting Group, LLC, an established consulting firm and Microsoft Partner, announces the partnership with Firefly Consulting, out of Tampa, FL, to expand its service offering.

Through this partnership, AlturaTek will be able to offer the experience of a leader in the sales consulting world

for small to mid-sized business as a value add to its offerings of streamlined apps for sales management. In return, Firefly Consulting will be able to offer AlturaTek’s services as the platform to build effective sales processes and key performance indicators, using the power of the Microsoft Power Platform.

“We are very excited to align with Jane and her company”, said Guillermo Cardona, President and CEO of Alturatek. “Jane brings adds a layer that goes well with our offering, and a great value add for our clients. The synergy that we create will allow clients to grow their sales performance and management efforts in a way that software alone could not do. To us, the partnership makes sense since you now can get the best of both worlds: a precise sales process backed up with a solid sales management platform based on Dynamics 365”.

“Working with Guillermo at AlturaTek allows for us to provide experienced Sales Consulting based on Microsoft Dynamics 365”, said Jane Powell, President and CEO of Firefly Consulting. “ This will allow us to not only innovate SMB sales process but give them the backend tools to succeed.”

About AlturaTek Consulting Group, LLC

AlturaTek Consulting Group, LLC is a certified Microsoft Partner organization that implements Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform for small to mid-sized businesses. They specialize in digital transformation of legacy processes and systems, as well as modern workplace deployment. To learn more about AlturaTek Consulting Group, LLC, please visit

About Firefly Solutions

Firefly Solutions helps companies with unmanaged, or under-managed, sales forces stop being a financial drain on SMB companies. Owners and sales people lose money because of lost deals and inefficient or non-existent sales process. Firefly provides a cost-effective way to manage the SMB sales function by providing Proven and Repeatable Sales Process (PSRP). Along with Fractional Sales Management, Firefly provides one on one coaching by using real world examples that results in more deals than sales training alone.

For more info, please contact Guillermo Cardona at (866) 425-8872 or Jane Powell at (813) 534-0113.
Jane Powell & Guillermo Cardona

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